Memorial Day 2012

CBSA members gathered in Hunting Creek near St. Michaels to enjoy wine tasting aboard host boat Moondance. The weather was sunny and warm with just enough of a south breeze for sailing.

Hosts Skip and Harriet Hardy on Moondance put out the welcome mat around 5pm and were quickly joined by Calypso, Le Mistral, Pretender, Sailin’ Whalen, 2nd Symphony, Water Music, Caracol, Pleiades, Finally and Broad Arrow.

By the end of the evening many bottles of wine were consumed along with tasty appetizers. The stories and conversations just kept getting better and better!

Susan, Sharon and Eva
Susan (Sailin’ Whalen), Sharon (2nd Symphony) and Eva (Calypso)

Michael, Marjorie and Paul
Michael (Le Mistral), Marjorie and Paul (Broad Arrow)

Sabres rafted
Water Music and Caracol anchored nearby

Pleaides arrives
Pleiades arrives with Tioga in charge of anchoring

Rick (Calypso) enjoys a strawberry

Bailey was a very good host on Moondance

Rick and Larry
Larry (2nd Symphony)

Ken and Eva
Ken (Pretender) and Eva (Calypso)

Sailin' Whalen and Pleiades
Pretty 402s anchored nearby (Pleiades and Sailin’ Whalen)

Sabre Club wine tasting party
Party evidence
Pretender sails past
Pretender sails by

The host raft: Calypso, Moondance and Le Mistral

Janice and Michael (Le Mistral)


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