Rendezvous News

Dear CBSA members,

Summer of 2015 has gotten off to a great start, with Memorial Day attracting 19 sailors to the “Wino and I Know Rendezvous” at Drum Point, hosted by Rick and Eva.   A great turnout and a great time was had by all who attended. The Wye has not yet recovered.

Jeff and Ginger hosted the “Sweating into Summer, Chesapeake Style” (or was it “Sailing into Summer?”) this weekend, and 6 intrepid Sabre boats braved the humidity to eat clam dip, swig rum drinks and test Old Bay Guacamole and Old Bay Beer while enjoying X Rated stories, singing, dancing and handstands.   Swedish fish were flying as the anchorage rocked. We even did some boat designing, as we concluded that Claret tinted nonskid would not show wine stains. The weekend was made even more special to those who sailed home in a southerly direction, as the French ship Hermione (reproduction of Lafayette’s ship) was seen at anchor in Annapolis, her 20 guns being washed by crew dangling over her sides in harnesses

Our next CBSA event is a cocktail party at the Chalk Point home of Jack McKim and Allison Gay (on the West River) on Friday, July 17th, followed by a Saturday July 18th Crab Feast at the West River Sailing Club hosted by Susan and Greg Whalen.   Please RSVP to the hosts for these two nights so that they can plan for appropriate numbers.

Planning is still underway for an August Marina Event near Osprey Point

See the Calendar for details as they are posted!

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