Rendezvous Schedule

As a general rule, arrival time for rendezvous will be 3:30 to 4:30, with happy hour at 5:00. Late comers may not complain if all of the food and drink are gone!

We will monitor channel 68 (72 if 68 is busy) for the Sea Rendezvous.

2019 Date Location Hosts Theme
Sunday, April 7th


West River Sailing Club, Galesville, MD CBSA Annual meeting
Saturday May 26th  (Memorial Day Weekend) TBD  Rick & Eva Hill (Calypso)  Wine Tasting
Saturday June TBD TBD Jeff & Ginger Weingarten  (Talisman) Chessie Olympics
Saturday, July TBD Chester River Judy and Rick O’Donnel (Innisfree)




 Deep Creek

Magothy River

 Vicki Saporta/

Suzanne Miller

Dock Warming
Saturday September TBD Hospice Cup Annapolis Participants Hospice Cup Regatta
Saturday, October 12 SAILBOAT SHOW Annapolis TBD **Possible after the boat show party **
October Gibson Island Suzanne and Beau Whitney (Kailani) Halloween Costume Party
January/February 2020 Annapolis or Baltimore Winter Dinner



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