2017 Annual Meeting

CBSA opened the 2017 sailing season with our annual meeting at the West River Yacht Club. Activities included a member provided potluck lunch, the changing of the Bridge & a guest speaker. Andy Fegley, owner of Yacht Electrical Systems, walked us through maintaining and managing our electrical networks. A sock burning officially kicked off the arrival of Spring. Safe sailing to all!




Chessie Olympics

CBSA members ‘nested’ in Eagle’s Cove July 2016.  Sharing fine food, libations, ‘Olympic’ (sort of) games & camaraderie. Good times.






2016 Winter Dinner

Festive winter dinner gathering at The Chart House in Annapolis! Enjoyed meeting new members in waiting, Rick & Judy – missed those who were unable to attend.Thanks again to Lauren Cosgrove for arranging such a nice evening. Soon, very soon, our sails will be un-furled! Cheers to CBSA!


Rendezvous News

Dear CBSA members,

Summer of 2015 has gotten off to a great start, with Memorial Day attracting 19 sailors to the “Wino and I Know Rendezvous” at Drum Point, hosted by Rick and Eva.   A great turnout and a great time was had by all who attended. The Wye has not yet recovered.

Jeff and Ginger hosted the “Sweating into Summer, Chesapeake Style” (or was it “Sailing into Summer?”) this weekend, and 6 intrepid Sabre boats braved the humidity to eat clam dip, swig rum drinks and test Old Bay Guacamole and Old Bay Beer while enjoying X Rated stories, singing, dancing and handstands.   Swedish fish were flying as the anchorage rocked. We even did some boat designing, as we concluded that Claret tinted nonskid would not show wine stains. The weekend was made even more special to those who sailed home in a southerly direction, as the French ship Hermione (reproduction of Lafayette’s ship) was seen at anchor in Annapolis, her 20 guns being washed by crew dangling over her sides in harnesses

Our next CBSA event is a cocktail party at the Chalk Point home of Jack McKim and Allison Gay (on the West River) on Friday, July 17th, followed by a Saturday July 18th Crab Feast at the West River Sailing Club hosted by Susan and Greg Whalen.   Please RSVP to the hosts for these two nights so that they can plan for appropriate numbers.

Planning is still underway for an August Marina Event near Osprey Point

See the Calendar for details as they are posted!

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Commodore’s Message 2013 Annual Meeting


Welcome to Spring 2013! Our annual membership meeting was held on 7 April at the West River Sailing Club in Galesville. It was attended by over 30 members.

After feasting on cold-cuts, side dishes and deserts, the business meeting was called to order by outgoing Commodore Julie Turner, Running On MT. Julie discussed the club’s goal of reaching out to Sabre owners who are not members in attempt to recruit new blood into the club. She distributed a handout that we can give to candidates that we may encounter on the bay or in the bars.

The preliminary 2013 event schedule was reviewed. The first event will by the Memorial Day gathering at the Cully’s on the Wye River. Details to follow. Following is a link to the schedule reviewed at the meeting: https://chesapeakesabredotcom.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/cbsa-rendezvous-schedule-2013.doc
(note: the date of the bay Bridge Marina rendezvous to be hosted by Noel and John Dickson, Serendipity, has been changed to 3 August. In addition, Audrey and Gerry Lazarus, Finally, have agreed to host a land and sea event on 5 October. Details to follow. Finally, the mid-winter dinner will likely be Saturday 8 February 2014. An updated version of the schedule should be published within the next several weeks as things solidify.)

Eva Hill, Calypso, then immediate past Commodore and Chairperson of the nominating committee, presented nominees for the Club officers for 2013-2015:
Commodore: Michael Turner, Running On MT
Vice Commodore: Diane DiGiovanni, Stryker
Treasurer: Greg Whalen, Sailin’ Whalen

The nominations were accepted and voted into office via voice vote.

Eva thanked Julie Turner for her service as Commodore for the past two years.

Harriett and Skip Hardy, Moondance, longtime active CBSA members, are moving to the land of state income tax free living and will remain members in absentia. The Club thanked them for their years of service to The Club.

Jeff Weingarten, Talisman, volunteered to take on responsibility for the Club website from Skip Hardy.

Greg Whalen gave the Treasurer’s report. The Club remains in good financial condition but we need to be sure to collect dues from all members to remain so. If you have not paid your 2013 dues of $20 please complete the linked application and send to acting Membership Chairperson Rick Hill at the address specified on the application.
( https://chesapeakesabredotcom.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/membership-form2.doc )

After the business meeting our guest speaker, Matt Rutherford, give an incredible talk about his solo sailing adventure. Matt sailed single-handed, non-stop around the America’s in 309 days in a 36 year old 27′ Albin-Vega. His enthusiasm and attitude towards dealing with challenges was inspiring. Here is a link to an article in Cruising World about Matt’s adventure: http://www.cruisingworld.com/people/passage-notes/fortitudine-vincimus-0

The meeting was followed by we gathering hosted by Susan and Greg Whalen at there home in Galesville.


Michael Turner
Running On MT

2012 Floribbean Fest

Floribbean Fest

A crowd gathered at the Turner’s home on the Wye river for the annual Floribbean festival/crab feast.  Crabs were consumed and drinks flowed as everyone compared notes on their sailing season.  A great time was had by all!

Floribbean Fest
Crab feasting

Floribbean Fest

Floribbean Fest

Floribbean Fest

Floribbean Fest

Floribbean Fest

Floribbean Fest

Floribbean Fest
Suspicious activity in the pool

Memorial Day 2012

CBSA members gathered in Hunting Creek near St. Michaels to enjoy wine tasting aboard host boat Moondance. The weather was sunny and warm with just enough of a south breeze for sailing.

Hosts Skip and Harriet Hardy on Moondance put out the welcome mat around 5pm and were quickly joined by Calypso, Le Mistral, Pretender, Sailin’ Whalen, 2nd Symphony, Water Music, Caracol, Pleiades, Finally and Broad Arrow.

By the end of the evening many bottles of wine were consumed along with tasty appetizers. The stories and conversations just kept getting better and better!

Susan, Sharon and Eva
Susan (Sailin’ Whalen), Sharon (2nd Symphony) and Eva (Calypso)

Michael, Marjorie and Paul
Michael (Le Mistral), Marjorie and Paul (Broad Arrow)

Sabres rafted
Water Music and Caracol anchored nearby

Pleaides arrives
Pleiades arrives with Tioga in charge of anchoring

Rick (Calypso) enjoys a strawberry

Bailey was a very good host on Moondance

Rick and Larry
Larry (2nd Symphony)

Ken and Eva
Ken (Pretender) and Eva (Calypso)

Sailin' Whalen and Pleiades
Pretty 402s anchored nearby (Pleiades and Sailin’ Whalen)

Sabre Club wine tasting party
Party evidence
Pretender sails past
Pretender sails by

The host raft: Calypso, Moondance and Le Mistral

Janice and Michael (Le Mistral)

Welcome Sabre Owners Past and Present

“Life is too short to own an ugly boat”

This site contains information about our sailing group including rendezvous schedules, contacts for further information and other useful sailing links.

Sabre 402, Calypso sails past the Pride of Baltimore