2015-2016 CBSA Officers
Commodore Rick O’Donnel, Innisfree  443-994-3895
Vice Commodore Brett R. Smith, Whisper 301-260-0092
Rear Commodore Vicki Vasaporta, Pleiades
Treasurer Greg Whalen, Sailin’ Whalen 703-481-1076
Membership Chairman Rick Hill, Calypso 301-776-2596
Web Master Jeff Weingarten, Talisman 301-680-7904
Event Committee:
    • Eva Hill, Chairman
    • Suzanne Miller
    • Audrey Lazarus

2 responses to “Officers

  1. Is the July 4 weekend really open? We (Grania 28′) would love to do something at Broad Creek or Dobbins Island, Magothy River. 412-310-3502.

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